Port in Your Existing Numbers

In most cases, Prodosec can port in your existing phone numbers in the US and Canada including cellular numbers, as well as toll free numbers. 

Regular North American Numbers

In all cases, we will require a copy of a recent invoice (or screenshots if it is an online provider) showing the name, address and numbers. PORTCHECKLARGE

For landline numbers, the service address and detailed information on hunt groups is required. For this information, you may need to contact your existing telco provider to ask for a "service record" or "equipment record". 

All of theregportMediumbutton information can be entered in  our online form, and submitted along with the invoice.  Typically the  process takes 5-10 business days for Canadian numbers.  US Numbers often take 10-15 business days.  Normally we target to port as quickly as possible, but you can request a speciific date that is more than 6 business days ahead.

If the information is incorrect, the existing provider will reject the port, and delay the process.  Learn more about the common porting problems and how to avoid them

We can now update the 411 directory listing when the number is ported.

Multiple numbers can be included in the same port request as long as they have the same customer name and address.

  Toll Free Numbers


For toll free numbers, the porting process is slightly different.  We require a signed copy of our toll free porting LOA as well as the invoice.  Toll Free ports typically take around 10 15 days.

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